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Category Gift Cards

Category Gift Cards

These gift cards all work at a category of businesses, such as any restaurant, any hotel, or any movie theater. Let the recipient decide where exactly they want to go. Sometimes it's hard to know which specific restaurant or store to pick, and now you don't have to!
These gift cards will only work at the specific category of merchants you select so you can be sure the gift card will be used as it as intended.

Or, browse all gift cards by category:

restaurant gift cards
bar gift cards
coffee gift cards
shopping gift cards
movie-theater gift cards
concert gift cards
travel gift cards
spa-beauty gift cards
sports gift cards
activity gift cards
hotel gift cards
transportation gift cards

  • Pick the perfect gift card
  • Select a greeting card
  • Customize the card and setup delivery
  • The gift card will arrive in just a few days!
If you are buying multiple gift cards, check out the bulk orders page.
Disclaimer: Treat gift cards are not affiliated with, issued, sponsored or endorsed by these merchants.
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