Why was I not able to use the gift card for an online purchase?
First, double check that the amount you are trying to charge does not exceed the remaining balance on the gift card. Split-tender purchases such as using two different cards to make a purchase may not be available online.
Second, it's possible that your attempted purchase may be blocked due to the online merchant's fraud detection process. The billing address you enter on the purchase form must match the mailing address on file for the gift card.
Third, the purchaser of the gift card may have restricted it for use at a particular merchant or category of merchants, which may not include the online merchant where you attempted your purchase. For details on where your card works, text "balance" to 855-636-7959 from the phone you associated with your gift card, visit your account page on our website or by calling our 24-hour automated customer service line at 855-636-7959.
If you need help correcting this or continue to have issues, please contact [email protected].

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